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Welcome to Restore Harmony. This is a wellness blog about wellness and parenting.  Wellness covers a vast area.  Mums out there it is not easy figuring all life’s lessons out so early on my parenthood journey I discovered that children are as good at teaching us adults as we are at teaching them.  This led me on a journey! I am now a trained Facilitator of Restoring Harmony in your life through therapies, personal development techniques to help you restore harmony in your life and the life of your family.   We all have the ability to live an amazing life no matter what our circumstances are but this can only be done by one person and that is the person looking back at you in the mirror.  The first thing you do is decide you want to and rest will fall into place.  This will not happen without an action of course but deciding is initially the biggest step you must take.

Here i will hopefully inspire you, make you laugh, help you realise motherhood is a crazy world and you are not alone.  It is ok to be feeling like you are driving down the road of parenthood and you are feeling like you are wearing a blindfold and you actually have no idea what you are doing and secretly you are crossing your fingers that all works out ok!  Or maybe that is just me!

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